Should You Eat the Same Meal Every Day?

Credit: Unsplash
Could you stand to eat your favorite food every single day?

“Familiarity breeds contempt.” It’s a bit of a downer to think about, but there is a certain nugget of truth to that. The body craves stimulation, whether that come from new experiences or new foods. But with repetition comes adaptation, and with adaptation comes the loss of that stimulation. This is why I try my hardest to mix up my daily lunches and dinners.

Whether it be due to money issues or just being tired, sometimes you can’t avoid eating the same thing for a particular meal a few days in a row. Eating something familiar that you enjoy can be good for your mood and productivity. Plus, it makes planning trips to the supermarket much easier and helps you keep better track of your diet.

The problem with eating like that is twofold: firstly, diversity is what makes your body stronger. Taking in lots of different foods and nutrients on a regular basis helps keep your stomach’s microbiome diverse, which in turn promotes the creation of good bacteria. But while you want good bacteria, only one kind of the stuff can only do so much for you. If you don’t diversify, your body won’t have the tools it needs to properly manage itself, and even that’s on the assumption that whatever you’re eating every day is nutritionally balanced. If it isn’t, you’re on the fast track to vitamin deficiency.

Credit: Unsplash

The second problem with eating the same thing every day is that, well, it’s just boring. Routines can certainly be comfortable, but there’s a fine line between routine and rut. Food is meant to be enjoyed, but if eating becomes a dull chore, you may be less inclined to do it, and that’s just tragic.

Variety is the spice of life, to quote another common phrase. If you have a favorite meal, by all means, enjoy it. Just remember to mix it up sometimes.