It’s Not Cool to Catch a Cold

Credit: iStock

The past several winters in many parts of the country (if not the world) have been milder than in the past, likely due to global warming. Not only that, but temperatures have been all over the place. Just this past week, I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt out to walk my dog outside of Philadelphia, in the middle of January. However, I’m not here to talk about the issues regarding climate change and global warming, I’m here to prove a few tips on how not to catch a cold in these turbulent times.

With temperatures reaching well below freezing one day and then t-shirt whether the next, it’s a great time for one of our worst arch enemies, the common cold virus. A sudden change in temperature can weaken our immune systems, inviting the pesky viruses into our bodies to wreak havoc on our sinuses, throat, and body for the next several days. But you’ll be happy to know that basic daily tasks can help keep them out of our systems.

  1. It should go without saying, but washing your hands often is the number one most effective way to prevent yourself from getting sick. Just Google the type and number of germs and viruses that transfer to your hands after using the bathroom once; you’ll probably quarantine your home for a while afterwards.
  2. Sleep. Go to bed early and get a full night’s sleep so your body is energized and ready to perform to its maximum potential the next day. This includes your immune system being on high alert.
  3. Eat healthy foods so you get plenty of vitamins into your system.
  4. Get your exercises in. Even if you can’t get a full workout into a day, a short walk or even some lunges in your bedroom can help strengthen your body.