Is Your Diabetes Medication Working?


Diabetes can sometimes catch you by surprise.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes may not even have noticed any symptoms or signs until their trip to the doctor’s office. It isn’t until after you are diagnosed you start looking back in search of the subtle signs you had missed and find that you had been thirstier or more tired than normal.

Silent conditions, such as diabetes, can do a lot of damage to your body if they are left untreated. In regards to diabetes, left untreated, your glucose levels would be dangerously high and will start damaging your blood vessels as well as your organs. Continuously leaving it unchecked will lead to kidney failure, blindness, and other severely disabling situations.

With a disease such as diabetes being so hard to notice, how do we make sure the medication we take for diabetes is actually working?

Once you’ve started taking your diabetes medication, you may have noticed differences in yourself. Some of those effects may have been:

  • More energy than previously
  • Not as thirsty
  • Less trips to the bathroom
  • Not as hungry as before

If you’re a diabetic, it’s also important to continuously check your blood glucose levels on a daily basis. If nothing else, testing your blood glucose levels is a really good way to visually see how well your diabetes medications are working. Although each individual is different, the average blood glucose levels is between 70-130 mg/dl for adults before meals.