Intermittent Fasting: Challenge Accepted

Credit: Getty Images

Nothing worth doing is easy.

I’m sure many of you have already heard of the new fad “diet” that’s been covered on various media and overheard in conversations over the past couple of years. This new diet supposedly allows you to lose weight, keep it off, help make you feel great, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and even save you a few bucks a day. However, it turns out that intermittent fasting, as this new “diet” is called, is not such a new fad nor is it a lose-bellyfat-quick-diet. 

Intermittent fasting is simply limiting your food intake to an 8-10 hour period per day. There is evidence early humans have been living this lifestyle for centuries, though it was probably not by choice but because of food availability and the fact they needed to hunt and gather daily. By limiting food intake, it gives our body the time it needs to process foods as well as use up any stored sugars and fats as energy. This in turn lowers our insulin levels which ultimately leads to weight loss, the ultimate goal for many of us. 

Being married to a health consultant/fitness trainer, I asked my wife about intermittent fasting, its benefits and results. When she told me it makes complete intuitive sense and that I should try it myself for a month, I accepted her challenge as I can lose a couple of pounds that I had gained over Thanksgiving. 

Starting on the 1st of January, 2020, I’m making the decision to restrict the hours of my food intake from 3PM to 10PM (these hours better suit my busy schedule) and provide a weekly report on my progress. So if you are interested to see if intermittent dieting really does work, make sure to read my weekly updates.