Ideal Snacks for Diabetics

Credit: Ekapat Suwanmanee/Getty Images/EyeEm

Need to feel full without eating too much? Try these snacks.

Satiety (or feeling full, if you don’t have your dictionary handy) is an important part of living with diabetes. The reason you go to get a snack, or at least the reason you should go to get a snack, is because you’re not feeling full and satisfied. That feeling of fullness plays a role in both managing your weight and monitoring your blood glucose level. A lot of snacks, however, are just empty calories and chemicals, pointlessly throwing your body out of whack without actually feeding you. If you have diabetes, you need a very particular kind of snack to get you through those cravings. Try one of these!


Almonds are high in protein and fiber and low in carbs. Studies show that people who eat a small serving of almonds before a meal feel less hungry during and after. They’re also nice and chewy, which actually makes them feel more filling. It’s a psychological thing.


Everyone’s favorite superfood isn’t just smooth and tasty, it’s also surprisingly filling. Adding half an avocado to your lunch will make it much more filling, plus they’re just generally good for you.

Dark Chocolate

When I say “dark chocolate,” I’m not talking Hershey. That stuff is loaded with chemicals and sugar. I’m talking the real 85% cacao stuff, dark as night. Dark chocolate’s bitter aroma and taste have been proven to increase satiety. Remember, though, it is still chocolate, so enjoy in moderation.

Decaf Coffee

If you want something to drink instead of something to eat, have a cup of decaf. Research shows that decaf coffee promotes the creation of a particular hormone in your gut that affects satiety. Also, since it’s decaf, you won’t get the dehydrating effects of caffeinated coffee.