Fighting Off Those Sweet Cravings

Credit: Sweet Defeat
Don’t stare at the candy, or the candy stares back.

I love sweet things. I would go as far as to call them one of my fatal weaknesses. But nowadays more than ever, it’s important to keep a lid on your sugar consumption. Sugar is almost exclusively empty calories that provide no nutritional content. Yeah, sweet stuff tastes good, and it’s nice to enjoy your food, but all things need to be in moderation. Unfortunately, a lot of folks grew up drinking soda and whatnot without knowing how bad it really was, and now find it much harder to break the cycle of sugar. If you’re having trouble getting off the sweet stuff, here’s some advice for you.

  • Offset the sugar. If you want something sweet, combine it with something healthy so you’re at least getting some nutrition. Dip a strawberry in chocolate, for example, or make a smoothie.
  • Distract yourself. If you’re suddenly craving sugary snacks, try to disrupt your train of thought. Go outside, exercise, have a conversation; whatever you need to do to steer your brain away from snacks.
  • Go natural. If you absolutely have to have some sugar, go for the real stuff. It’s obviously equally unhealthy to the artificial stuff, but artificial sweeteners have been known to make you crave even more sugar.
  • Keep healthy snacks within reach. If you’ve got sweet stuff in the house, don’t keep it within easy reach of wherever you usually hang out. Instead, keep some fruit nearby. Why bother going all the way to the kitchen for chocolate when you’ve got some blueberries right next to you?
  • Have regular snacks. If you’re hungry, your sugar cravings will have an easier time creeping in. Chew on something healthy every few hours to keep your hunger leveled out.