Don’t Wait til You’re Sick to See a Doctor

Credit: Unsplash
Do you wait until your car has already exploded to see a mechanic? No.

In the current health climate, many people have been putting off their regular doctor check-ups. Maybe they’re scared to leave the house and enter a place frequented by sick people, maybe they don’t feel overtly terrible, or maybe they think they can just tough out whatever’s ailing them. It is definitely true that most minor ailments can be dealt with with some bed rest and over-the-counter medicine, but you shouldn’t go to the doctor only when you feel sick.

It’s important to have regular check-ups with your usual doctor at least once a year at the absolute minimum. Going to the doctor isn’t just about fixing sicknesses, it’s about assembling a profile of your body and general state of health. When you see your doctor, you should give them an in-depth description of your habits and general wellness. More than likely, nothing’s wrong with you and they’ll give you a clean bill of health, barring one or two gentle suggestions. However, that data is important, because the next time you see them, if something about your health or body has drastically changed, they’ll be able to catch it.

Doctors aren’t psychics; they won’t know something’s actually wrong with you unless you keep them up to date. If you maintain complete radio silence with your doctor until you’re already deathly ill, they won’t have a baseline of your body at its healthiest to compare to. Plus, if you start experiencing strange conditions, you should definitely try to deal with them before you get to deathly ill.

While we’re on the subject, this advice also applies to mental health. If you feel severely depressed or your thoughts are going in strange directions, that’s just as important to address as your physical health. If someone you care about tells you to consider visiting a therapist, they’re not calling you crazy, they’re saying you need someone to make an unbiased observation of your mental health for your own betterment.

Remember, you shoulldn’t put off your health just because you’re not already melting in bed.