Don’t Forget to Get this Year’s Flu Shot

Credit: Unsplash
COVID’s still the hot ticket, but that doesn’t mean the usual suspects go away.

Remember when we all thought like a year ago that we’d be done with the COVID pandemic by now? Yeah, that was nice. Unfortunately, life has a tendency to hock a big loogie in your Cheerios when you least expect it, so here we are, still trying to get things under control a year and change later. The concerning thing about the pandemic lasting this long is that it’s going to start carrying over into the regular flu season. Last year’s season was extremely mild because everyone was staying inside and wearing masks, but now that people are out and about again (whether they should be or not), the flu will likely start creeping up.

The flu season begins in earnest around October of every year, which means it’s just about time to go get this year’s flu shot. I know what you’re thinking, or at least I hope you’re thinking: “I got my COVID vaccine, shouldn’t that be enough?” No. No, it ain’t. COVID and the flu, despite having some similar symptoms, are two completely different viruses, and medical professionals have already determined with certainty that it is possible to catch both at the same time. If you think having COVID is a bad time, just imagine putting up with both it and the flu simultaneously.

Credit: Unsplash

Luckily, getting flu shot should be as easy as it always is. Pharmacies, doctors, and grocery stores have already begun opening up appointments, and many will happily administer shots either for free or for a small fee, provided you have proof of insurance. Just walk in, say you want a flu shot, get said shot, and you’re done for the year. The CDC recommends getting your flu shot before the end of October so you’re prepared for the holiday season, so the earlier you can get on that the better. If you’re concerned about COVID, take a look around your town for any outdoor vaccination sites. Pharmacies are already aware of the concerns, and are planning to administer shots in as safe of a setting as they can manage.