Aloe Vera Soothes in More Ways Than One

Credit: Unsplash
It’s not just for your skin anymore!

I don’t really like to go to the beach. I like the sand and water just fine, the problem’s the sun. I’m like an old-school vampire, I almost immediately burst into flames in intense sunlight. I was thankful to discover the existence of aloe vera lotion when I was younger, as it helped sooth numerous summer sunburns. But it wasn’t until I was much older that I found out people regularly eat and drink aloe vera, which was bizarre to me, because why would you eat body lotion? Yeah, I hadn’t quite pieced together that aloe vera is just a plant, and a beneficial one at that!

In addition to its well-documented benefits as a rash and burn reliever, aloe vera also provides plenty of handy benefits as both a food and a drink. Aloe vera juice is crammed with essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B, C, and E, as well as calcium, potassium, and zinc. The particular blend of nutrients present in aloe vera make them a fantastic choice for detoxing your liver and kidneys. The juice provides a burst of healthy hydration, vital for keeping your organs running, which in turn helps your liver and kidneys to detox your blood and produce a healthy amount of urine.

Speaking of helping things run smoothly, the high water content in aloe vera is also great for battling constipation. Aloe vera’s water content, combined with its natural inflammation-fighting properties, helps to clean and normalize your gut and bowels, which makes doing your business a much cleaner affair.

Aloe vera can be consumed in its plant form with a bit of preparation, though aloe vera juice is definitely the easiest way to get it inside you. Just don’t get weirded out the first time you drink it; it’s supposed to be a little chunky.