A Few Tricks for a Longer, Healthier Life

Credit: Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

A longer life, no magic fountain required.

Eliminate these 5 unhealthy habits, and you’re on your way to extending the policy on your life insurance.

It’s probably the most obvious out of the five and it’s mostly common sense these days: Smoking kills. Countless studies have been done and we’ve already witnessed the nonsense counters cigarette companies have come up with in the past regarding the link between smoking and cancer. But no matter how much is spent on ads, school education, and just public information in general, people are still smoking. If you’re a smoker, or in danger of becoming one, stop it now if you want to live longer.

Being overweight. You can call it a disease, a symptom, or whatever, but in the end, being overweight is not good for you. If you can, lose the extra pounds.

Alcohol, or too much of it. It’s fine to have a glass of wine or an IPA every now and then, but many of us overdo it and end up with our heads underneath the sofa cushions. Being able to control your alcohol intake not only adds years to your life, but also saves you from that awful hangover the next morning.

Food, yes food. You can only be as healthy as the stuff you put into your body. M&Ms are not considered legumes and pasta is not a vegetable.

Finally, defeat your laziness. Most of the things we do that are considered unhealthy is the result of being lazy. In the end, you need to look in the mirror and make the change, because life isn’t easy, and adding years to it probably won’t be any easier.