YouTube Workout Channels Gaining Popularity

Credit: Fitness Blender
It’s a great time for virtual fitness trainers.

Have we mentioned that there’s a viral pandemic going on and you can’t go to the gym? I think it might’ve come up once or twice.

Facetiousness aside, some people find it a little difficult to work out if they don’t have someone else present to lead them, which is why exercise classes are as popular as they are. The obvious problem is that exercise classes aren’t a thing right now because- well, you know. Luckily, we live in the digital streaming age, and in the digital streaming age, you can get a fitness instructor in your living room without actually having a fitness instructor in your living room.

One source of fitness programming that’s received a surge in popularity is the YouTube channel Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender features full-length workout videos hosted by Kelli and Daniel Segars, two of the most prolific fitness influencers on the site. When the coronavirus was first declared a pandemic, their already impressive subscriber count jumped by several thousand. While the surge was sudden and unexpected for the couple, they’re doing their best to offer content that caters to everyone.

Credit: Fitness Blender

On the Fitness Blender YouTube channel, you can find videos that range from a few minutes to over an hour detailing various workout sets. There are videos that both involve and don’t involve equipment, so you can probably find something that fits you right. The couple also maintain their own website with more in-depth paid videos, but are trying to produce more free content while people are stuck inside.

If you’re in need of a workout but can’t run one on your own, give Fitness Blender a try. Hey, it’s something to watch at least.