What’s Causing Your Bloating?

Credit: Unsplash
Certain foods can make you feel like a wet sponge.

Are you feeling lethargic and lacking motivation? Are you gaining weight in weird ways, mostly concentrated on your stomach? Does said stomach feel like a balloon full of oatmeal when you move around? Sounds you’ve got a case of the bloats. Bloating is a pretty common affliction, and the vast majority of the time, it isn’t a sign of anything especially bad. Of course, it’s not especially comfortable either, so if you’re having a consistent problem with bloating, you may need to switch up your diet a bit.

A primary cause of bloating is gassy foods like cruciferous veggies and beans, and especially carbonated drinks like beer and soda. When you ingest a lot of gassy food at once, your body can have trouble passing all that gas quickly, which causes it to build up in your gut and intensities. This is why bloating is commonly accompanied by conditions like gas pain and constipation. Though, the upshot to those cruciferous veggies is that they’re high in fiber, and fiber is your first and foremost weapon against bloating.

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet, you bowels can have difficulty passing stuff, whether it be gas or solids. Of course, fiber alone isn’t enough; you also need to drink enough water to help your body properly break things down. It’s also possible to take things too far in the opposite direction; if you consume too much fiber too quickly, and without drinking water to match, you’ll almost definitely get bloated, almost like you ate an entire loaf of bread.

Remember, if you have a sensitivity to cruciferous veggies, you can get lots of fiber from fresh fruit and whole grains. As long as you keep your intake balanced, your body will have everything it needs to process food and get rid of that bloat. Then it’s just a matter of “making the delivery,” if you catch my drift. It’s poop, I’m talking about poop.