Try a Weighted Blanket for a Deeper Sleep

Credit: Unsplash
It’s like a big, toasty hug.

I tend to be what I like to call a “busy sleeper.” I roll around a lot, twist myself into weird positions, inadvertently throw my pillow on the floor, things like that. It’s not super conducive to a good night’s sleep, especially when I wake up tied into a bizarre pretzel. It’s for this reason that I’ve begun employing a weighted blanket to keep me firmly rooted to my bed, and it’s been working great.

Weighted blankets usually have thick pouches sewn into them, which often contain some manner of weighted material like sand, foam, or beads. This construction ensures the blanket conforms to your body shape and can’t be easily kicked off. If you’re concerned about being a hot sleeper, most weighted blankets are also made with breathable, temperature-controlling material, so while they exert pressure, they don’t trap your body’s heat.

Credit: Unsplash

The pressure from a weighted blanket, in addition wrapping you in a cozy embrace, has been shown to be beneficial for both physical and emotional wellness. Studies show that the slight pressure exerted by a weighted blanket is good for soothing chronic pains. Their coziness is also great for folks who suffer from anxiety or depression thanks to its similarity to being hugged.

You can get weighted blankets from most big box retailers. The name-brand ones often have a sturdier construction, but obviously cost a bit more. You can get a knock-off on Amazon for pretty cheap, provided you don’t mind some occasionally shoddy stitching.