To The Weekend and Our Health

Credit: Dolce Diet

It’s more than possible to be fun and fit.

We’re now halfway in to the first month of the first year and you’ve been doing a super job sticking to your New Year’s resolution. The day is almost done and all you can hear your co-workers talk about is what they’re doing after work. There will be parties, bar-hopping, wine tastings, etc. Too bad you’re stuck at home with a bowl of rabbit food and maybe a bland chicken breast. Or are you?

Your new diet or healthy resolution doesn’t have to ruin your weekend, nor your social life. Many people think you have to cut off the fun, the delicious, and sin in order to lead a healthy life. Not only will this add to the stress and de-motivation to continue your resolution, but sudden changes like this may actually have a negative impact on your end-goals. Here are some steps to help you stay on track but also to enjoy life:

  • No matter how much and what kind of temptation you receive, you need to stay focused and remember why you started the resolution in the first place. It’s important to stick to a normal routine so your body doesn’t go haywire when a piece of chocolate goes into your system after it’s forgotten what it tastes like. This will not only force your body to retain the extra sugar and energy, it will be harder for you to resist future temptations.
  • Limit your alcohol and sweet intake. It’s the weekend, so you should give yourself a little slack, but not too much. Go out and have fun with your buddies, but just remember to control yourself.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. This will not only help you be energized throughout the day, you will be less tempted to eat junk food.