So You’ve Just Puked Up Your Lunch

Credit: Unsplash
It’s a little disconcerting when your insides suddenly become your outsides.

I can count the number of times I’ve full-on vomited on one hand, and if I have anything to say about it, it’ll stay on one hand. Tossing your cookies is such a viscerally unpleasant experience on so many levels; it feels bad, it looks bad, it smells bad, it’s just bad all around. After you puke, chances are you’ll be feeling a little disoriented, and probably mildly annoyed at whatever caused it, but before you can address that, you first need to take care of yourself.

When you refund your breakfast, your body expels a large portion of its overall water content, which is why you usually feel groggy and dehydrated for a while afterward. First and foremost, try not to eat any solid foods for at least a couple of hours, just to give your stomach some time to settle down. You should also refrain from any beverages besides water during that period; anything fizzy could upset your stomach further. After you’ve rinsed the taste out of your mouth, start slowly and carefully rehydrating by taking small sips of water. If you’re feeling extremely dehydrated, switch to a clear, non-carbonated sports drink.

Credit: Unsplash

Once your stomach is feeling better, ease back into solid foods, starting with simple, easily digestible stuff like dry crackers, bananas, or applesauce. You can gradually work your way back up to full meals, but try to stay away from anything too heavy, as well as anything with potential stomach irritants like dairy and spicy stuff.

Once you’ve fully recovered, you can start to logic out what caused the delivery. Think about the stuff you’ve recently eaten, for example; you might’ve eaten something expired, or something you’re potentially allergic to. If you’re dealing with some manner of head condition like a migraine or motion sickness, that’s another likely cause. If you’re unsure, talk to your doctor and figure it out together.