Keeping Your Cool in Isolation

Credit: Getty Images
You’re never truly alone.

After a couple of weeks in self-imposed isolation due to the coronavirus, I’m guessing some of you are starting to feel a bit antsy, especially if you live alone. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, humans are social animals. Complete isolation runs against our very nature. The sad fact of the matter is, however, that we need to keep ourselves locked up if we want to walk freely in public again in a prompt fashion. If you’re feeling restless and lonely, take a deep breath, and consider your surroundings for a moment.

You may not be able to move freely (aside from getting food and groceries), but you’re not trapped. You can still leave the house, take a walk in nature, get some exercise. The worst thing you can be doing right now is staring at the wall and spiraling about how scary everything is. It is scary, for sure, but you can’t let that fear rule you. Instead, dedicate that brain power to something healthy and productive. Read something, write something, draw something; even if you’re not a creative type, consider this an opportunity to explore yourself a little. If that sounds boring, do something fun! Put on some music and dance like nobody’s watching.

Credit: Financial Times

If you really need human contact, then be glad we live in the modern age, because we have technology to facilitate that. Just last week, I had an hour-long video call with my family around the country. Once we got past the “are you okay” and “stay safe,” we had a very animated discussion on current events and cool stuff we’d watched. I know video chatting isn’t a substitute for intimate physical contact, but I’d certainly call it the next best thing.

Above all else, remember that though distance separates you from those you love, you are not alone. They’re still there, and they’ll be there when this is all over. Imagine how great that first hug is gonna feel when you can see them again.