Create a Designated Wellness Zone in Your Home

Credit: Unsplash
Create one spot where you can truly relax.

We all have places in our home that we enjoy spending lots of time in. Maybe it’s at a desk in front of your computer, maybe it’s on a squishy sofa in front of the TV, or maybe it’s a little sunlit nook on a balcony. Thing is, though, while those spots are fun and pleasant to spend time in, there’s often a lot of stimulation coming in from external sources that prevent you from truly relaxing. If you’re feeling a little stressed, you should try to designate a single spot in your home as a “wellness zone,” a place for calm, relaxation, and mindfulness.

A wellness zone needs one thing above all else: comfortable seating. In lieu of something like an oversized armchair, you should opt for something a little more minimalistic, such as a beanbag or a particularly fluffy blanket. You wanna be comfortable, but you don’t want to fall asleep. You should also try to set up your zone somewhere with some sunlight filtering in. You can make your zone outside if you like, though I find things like outside noise and bugs distracting, so your mileage may vary on that.

So what should you do in your wellness zone? Well, I can tell you the one thing you shouldn’t do: fiddle with electronics. There’s plenty of time and space for that in the rest of your home; the wellness zone is a place for your mental health. Leave the gadgets in the other room, and pick up a book or an art easel. You don’t even need an item; just close your eyes and practice some meditation techniques. If you like, you can also bring along some soothing stuff like aromatherapy candles or a warm drink.

Sometimes, you just need a place to shut off for a little while. When life gets too in-your-face, visit the wellness zone to decompress.