Celebrate Life’s Little Joys and Victories

Credit: Unsplash
There’s always something to be happy about, even if it’s small.

Life is difficult and scary on a fairly regular basis. Just being an adult and living your life can feel really arduous at times. Set-backs pile up, nothing seems to go your way, and it’s hard to tell when things are going to improve. In these times, it can be especially difficult to feel happy. But as we’ve said numerous times, you deserve to be happy. Everyone does. Sometimes, all it takes to be even a little bit happier is a slight adjustment in outlook.

When you feel like life is beating down on you, you need to find something, anything to be happy about. If you stop and look, there are lots of little events in your daily life that are worth cracking a smile over. Maybe you saw a cute dog while out on a walk. Maybe you told a really good joke and got everyone to laugh. Maybe you finally got to try that new brand of snack you’ve been eyeballing.

Here’s a little example: when I go grocery shopping, I don’t keep a particular budget so much as I simply grab what I need. When I check out, I take a look at my total. If it’s at least ten bucks less than my usual grocery bill, I consider that a triumph. Yeah, in all likelihood, it was a just a matter of chance. Maybe I didn’t need that much stuff, or maybe the stuff I did need wasn’t that expensive, but even so, beating my average makes me feel responsible, accomplished, and in general, happy.

I suppose it could be said that celebrating little events like that could be a little immature. But I ask you this: what do you think is more important? Being seen as somewhat immature, or being happy? There’s a right answer there, and I think you know what it is.