Your Body Would Really Appreciate Some Protein

Credit: Unsplash
Protein is your body’s building blocks. No blocks, no body.

Your body, as well as pretty much everything inside of it, is made up of proteins. Your flesh, for lack of a less gross word, is essentially just raw protein shaped into muscles, bones, and skin. That’s why meat is so protein rich, because that’s pretty much all it is. Now, I’m sure you know about how important protein is to exercising, but if you’re not exercising much, do you still need it? Yes. Yes you do. Very, very much.

Do you know how many cells your body kills and creates on a regular basis? A lot. Like, more than we could realistically count. Those cells don’t just pop out of nowhere; they’re chained together from your body’s supply of proteins and amino acids. If you’re protein deficient, your body can’t manufacture cells at the rate it’s supposed to, and without cells, your body’s vital functions will be severely hampered.

For example, when you cut your finger, it bleeds for a bit, but then the wound closes up and scabs over, right? That’s thanks to the timely intervention of your platelets, utilizing red and white blood cells to create a clot and stop the flow of blood out of a wound. Less protein means less platelets and blood cells, which means your wounds will bleed longer and take longer to heal.

Credit: Unsplash

Your extremities may also become weaker if you’re protein deficient. When you tear your muscles while exercising, your body repairs the fibers with protein, which is what makes them bigger and stronger. Without protein, your body can’t repair the muscular damage you accumulate on a daily basis, leaving your arms and legs flimsy and weakened.

That’s just a couple of examples, but the bottom line is that your body and its cells need clean protein to do their jobs. If you deprive them of that protein, you’re depriving yourself of health and growth.