Try Something New Once in a While

Credit: Unsplash
Life’s an adventure, so go on one!

I consider myself a pretty routine-oriented person. I like to keep things familiar and easily understood, and my life tends to follow a set of particular patterns. Even so, every once in a while, I like to try something a little different. Maybe something big like a day trip to some hidden cool spot, or maybe something small like an unusual Starbucks order. Life is an adventure as a whole, so you should try to go on a few little adventures whenever you’re able.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. There’s a bit of truth to that; even if you love your daily routine, it can be a little tiresome to do the exact same stuff every single day. You need to occasionally throw yourself a curveball just to keep things interesting. Mixing it up keeps you engaged in life, which in turn keeps your brain chugging along properly. When you live in the rut for too long, you start turning into a robot, so you need to consciously choose to try something new to keep yourself sharp.

Credit: Unsplash

Now, as I said, you don’t need to go absolutely crazy when you want to try something new. The most important thing is that it’s something you actually want to do. If you try to force yourself into doing something that runs completely contrary to your interests and character, nobody’s going to have any fun with that. Try to branch off from your existing interests into directions you may not have considered. For instance, do you like watching The Great British Bake-Off? Sure, who doesn’t? Well, why don’t you try making a dessert at home? You don’t have to make a gigantic wedding cake, just start with a brownie in a mug or something.