Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Credit: Unsplash
Clean space, clean body, clean mind.

After living with a rotating stable of the biggest slobs in the universe back in college, I take home maintenance much more seriously. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a neat freak, but I do endeavor not to make messes in my living space. Even so, no matter hard you try to keep your place clean, crud just has a tendency to accumulate on its own. Dusty shelves, loose particles in the carpet, gunked-up air filters; you might not be immediately cognizant of all of it, but the moment it catches your eye, don’t be surprised if you have an overwhelming urge to clean. Since it’s Spring now, why not get started on your Spring cleaning?

The first thing you should do is dust every flat surface in your home. Get a Swiffer wand from the store, maybe some compressed air, and a couple of clean, dry cloths. You should also open the window beforehand, and consider putting on a face mask, because there’s about to be a lot of airborne particles. Carefully wipe down all of your surfaces, as well as any photos or knick knacks that have been sitting in the same place for a long time. If there’s any dust accumulation on delicate items or electronics, blow it away with compressed air.

Credit: Unsplash

Next, vacuum that carpet. Carpets are magnets for assorted crud, not to mention more dust, so it’s best to clean them up so they’re not kicking it up every time you walk on them. All you need is a quality vacuum cleaner; just run it around your living space, going over every surface a few times to capture whatever’s hiding in there. Most vacuums have wands you can use to get at cramped spaces, but if it’s really tight, try wrapping a cloth around a long, thing pole like a mop handle and running around in there.

Finally, if you use air conditioners and air purifiers, make sure to check their filters. These kinds of electronics usually have a designated cycle of filter maintenance, and some will even let you know when the filter needs to be cleaned, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick peek inside to make sure things aren’t too backed up.