Sometimes, You Just Gotta Talk it Out

Credit: Unsplash
Some matters require a proper sounding board.

When you’re scared, depressed, or just in a nondescript funk, you’re probably not in much of a mood for socialization. It’s normal; you want some time to yourself to sort out your feelings, as some things require quiet and concentration to work through. However, while it is possible to work through your problems by yourself, there are some that you simply can’t handle alone.

I can’t list what those problems are, unfortunately, because everyone processes negative emotions differently. But you can usually tell when you won’t be able to figure it out by yourself if you spend an hour in your funk and don’t seem to be coming out of it. It’s in these times that you may need to seek the aid of someone around you. I don’t necessarily mean asking them for advice, though you’re welcome to if they’re someone you trust. Rather, sometimes you just need a sounding board, someone you trust to be a passive listener and won’t spill your inner thoughts out carelessly. This can be a family member, a close friend, a significant other or spouse, or a therapist.

Credit: Unsplash

See, the problem with trying to work problems out yourself is that you only have your own perceptions to rely on, and that’s kind of a catch 22. After all, it’s your perceptions that got you into your funk in the first place. Sometimes, an additional perspective, even just a passive one, can help you see your problems from more productive, constructive angles. Maybe you won’t get to the bottom of what’s bothering you on the first shot, but you might at least make enough progress to feel better.