Clean House for a Clean Mind

Credit: Unsplash
You’re putting it off right now, aren’t you?

I think if there’s a major contributing reason to why I live alone, it’s that a lot of other people my age don’t seem to take the cleanliness of their living spaces especially seriously. I have a list of horror stories from college, ranging from beds completely covered in miscellany to the point that you can’t even lift the covers, to disgusting, rancid fish oil coating the kitchen floor. Putting aside obvious concerns of hygiene (and there are a lot of them), living like that just isn’t healthy from a wellness perspective. When there’s stuff all over the floor and messes all over the kitchen and that doesn’t bother you, it’s a sign that you’re getting complacent with mediocrity. Don’t be like that, dude, just clean the dang house.

Your living space reflects your character. If stuff is just piled up in every corner, if nobody ever bothers to take out the garbage, if there are still dishes in the sink pilled up from last week, what does that say about you? That you don’t care? That it doesn’t matter? That’s a fast track to low self-esteem, buddy. When you don’t respect your living space, you’re not respecting yourself, and you deserve to have self-respect.

Credit: Unsplash

Now don’t worry, I’m not telling you you need to completely overhaul your entire home, Netflix docu-series style. Just, y’know, take responsibility for yourself. Put stuff away, load the dishes into the dishwasher, take out the trash when it’s visibly full. When you clean up, you may be surprised to realize how much clearer life feels. You can actually see the floor, there aren’t any weird smells emanating from all directions, that family of cockroaches finally moved out. Like I said, you deserve to live in clean, comfortable positions, so put in the effort to get what you deserve.