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Nothing like an afternoon of channel surfing.

You know what one of my proudest TV-adjacent moments was? When I discovered the “Favorites” button on my digital cable box. No more was I required to hold down the channel up button or manually type in the channel number. Just tap the Favorites button a few times, and there’s my cartoons. This was especially helpful in my house, because our remote was kind of defective; you had to press most of the buttons really hard to get the box to pick them up. The Favorites button was the only one that worked completely normally. Bizarre, but very helpful.

Credit: afra32/Pixabay

I guess, if you think about it, trolling through Netflix or Hulu and mindlessly adding shows you’ll never watch to your list is not unlike channel surfing. If you were channel surfing, after all, it meant there wasn’t anything in particular on in that time slot you wanted to watch, but you still wanted to watch something.

There’s just something I find comforting about the sound of a TV playing some random show in the background of my daily goings-on. I’d like to bring my laptop to the living room and read forums and whatnot while the TV played The Simpsons or something. My dad always used to rib me for “multitasking,” but I guess I’m just a modern guy. I like my screens, and I like them plentiful. Speaking of which, there’s a Netflix show I wanna watch…