Nutritious Snack Choices for Super Bowl Sunday

Credit: Unsplash
Let’s maybe lay off the wings and pizza this year, yeah?

I’ll be the first to admit that one of the best parts of watching any sport is stuffing your face with tasty food. I don’t think I’d even go to a stadium if I couldn’t get a hot dog and some crinkly fries. The same goes for watching the game at home; it’s a long-standing sporting tradition to enjoy lots of heavy food slathered in rich sauces. But seeing as how recent years have made us all a little more conscious about our health, what’s say we make this year’s Super Bowl a slightly healthier event?

So right off the bat, the usual staples like buffalo wings, pizza, and most kinds of chips are off the table. What does that leave, then? Plenty! For one thing, you don’t need to cut all chips out, just go for something healthier. Popcorn’s an excellent substitute, or even better, organic tortilla chips. Even if you’re not into the taste of organic chips, you can tweak them to your favor with healthy dips like guac, hummus, or salsa. If I could make a personal suggestion, pickles have that same tasty crunch as chips, and come in lots of different flavors.

Speaking of deli staples, if you need some meat in your life, try something leaner like turkey sandwich sliders. You can also make tasty tacos and burritos with plant-protein tortillas and your favorite veggie fillings. For dessert, fresh fruit is the natural choice, but if that’s not enough, dark chocolate-covered almonds can definitely satisfy that sweet tooth.

So put a tasty platter together, and if you’re having guests, make sure everyone gets a nice plateful of stuff.