Stay on Track While Enjoying Healthy Thanksgiving Foods!

Thanksgiving dinner
Credit: Unsplash

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us look forward to indulging in delicious and hearty meals with family and friends. While it’s a time for celebration and feasting, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your healthy eating habits out the window. By incorporating nutritious options into your Thanksgiving spread, you can enjoy the holiday without compromising your well-being. Here are four healthy foods to savor on Thanksgiving and stay on track with your health goals.

Roasted Vegetables

One way to add a burst of flavor and nutrients to your Thanksgiving feast is by including a variety of roasted vegetables. Choose colorful options like sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and bell peppers. Roasting vegetables enhances their natural sweetness and creates a satisfying, savory side dish. Toss them in olive oil, sprinkle with herbs and spices, and roast until they are golden brown and tender. Not only do roasted vegetables contribute to a visually appealing plate, but they also provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Quinoa Stuffing

Traditional stuffing can be heavy on refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. A healthier alternative is quinoa stuffing. Quinoa is a protein-packed whole grain that offers a nutty flavor and a satisfying texture. Combine cooked quinoa with sautéed vegetables like celery, onions, and mushrooms. Add herbs like sage and thyme for a festive twist. This nutritious stuffing is not only delicious but also gluten-free, making it an inclusive option for guests with dietary restrictions.

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